Srushti Fertility Center Offers Affordable and Effective Green IVF Therapy


[Chennai India][05 August 2013] - Srushti Fertility Centre announces the availability of Green IVF therapy which has a high effectiveness and uses fewer hormones than other methods, and which avoids the problems presented by hyper-stimulation. Natural Cycle or Green IVF is reasonable by any woman seeking to fulfill her imagine transforming into a mother. Srushti was one of the earliest centre to offer Green IVF in India with high success rates.

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By making the most of a woman's natural cycle, green IVF works. During her cycle, a woman's body self-selects probably the most optimal egg that will be released in that cycle. Srushti monitors the cycle, and precisely in the correct time, the egg in which the woman's body has chosen to be optimum is retrieved for in-vitro fertilization.

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Srushti Fertility Centre is headed by Dr. Prof. S. SAMUNDI SANKARI DGO, DA and MD DOL (West Germany). Dr. Samundi Sankari posseses an excellent fertility success track record. She was awarded the Best Distinguishing Physician award in the united states, and it is accepted as the most effective surgeon in Chennai for laparaoscopic reproductive surgeries. The whole facility includes a highly experienced staff on all levels and provides caring one-to-one service.

Being one of the leading fertility hospitals certified with ISO 9001: 2008 standards, Srushti is easily the most favored fertility centre in Chennai, India. Utmost level of confidentiality and well screened donors make Srushti the safest option for egg surrogacy and donation. Srushti hosts a panel of best embryologists and IVF experts in India.

Srushti features a effectiveness of over 60% in ART procedures. Srushti’s Employees are always knowledgeable from the latest techniques as well as empathetic and compassionate by nature that was proven when 90% of patients had rated Srushti’s services as ‘Excellent’.

This trait of Srushti helps build an unbreakable bond of trust between us and also the patients.

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